Crepuscular Critters of the Bohemia Ecological Preserve 

Bohemia Ecological Preserve, Occidental  

May 18 4:30pm-9:30pm

Please note that this event has been cancelled due to heavy rain in the forecast

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Come and visit the crespuscular critters of Bohemia Ecological preserve for a trip into the world of Bats and other night-time creatures, with a potluck dinner and optional overnight. Join Joani, experienced Bohemia docent and crew for a late afternoon/twilight introduction to the Bohemia Ecological Preserve in the hills of Occidental. After a brief introduction to the wonders of the Preserve, we will be delving into the world of nature’s magic. We will enjoy a wonderful potluck dinner, (including your favorite beverage) talk about crepuscular critters, and watch the bats and stars arise!  We might expect to see moths and mosquitoes, some insectivorous bats, foxes, raccoons, skunks, and possibly owls. This hike is geared for adults, and youth over 10. Overnight camping is optional. 


Location: Bohemia Ecolgical Preserve- 6773 Bohemian Highway, Occidental 

What to bring: 

  • This is a potluck dinner- Please bring a dish to share, as well as your favorite beverage
  • Your own utensils (Plates, dishes, cups)
  • Night gear- Flashlight, bug reppelent, picnic chair, blankets, etc.
  • Binoculars and hiking poles if you wish
  • Overnight gear- If you are staying overnight, please bring your bedding/tents. If you have questions on what to bring, please email 

What to expect: 

  • No animals will be harmed at this event. Some may be startled, (even annoyed) but no harm will be done
  • You are welcome to camp out, if you would like. Please note that you will need to bring your own camping gear. 
  • This hike is suitable for youth 10 and over. If you feel that your child would be comfortable attending this night event and have questions, please contact
  • There will be no early departures 
  • You will be asked to sign a liabilty waiver upon arrival
  • There is no smoking, no pets, and of course- no smoking pets!
  • This event is free, and donations are always welcome 
  • What if its raining? We will continue in a light rain but will cancel in case of heavy rain. If in doubt, please call 707-544-7284 (then press 1) after 11 am on the day of the outing. If there is no special message, the event is on! 


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Contact: For any questions or concerns, please contact Jesica Rodriguez at 707-544-7284 #107